It was CCN Day today. I’m very sleepy right now. I woke up pretty early to meet up with Mr Jerome to discuss about the tprawks thing. Then I rushed to do the booth’s poster for my class. Our soda thing tasted dope manzxzxz. So anyway. I helped out for tpsu next. Sold balloons with Faiz. And I bought myself tp badges and a tp decal. Woohoo.

After that I rushed to help out at the class booth. Then I got ready to meet Amalul Love. We went to watch paranormal acticity. OOOO.

Spooky shit, I tell you. Like you cant help but think what you would do if that shit happened to you. But I should stop thinking about it cos I want to sleep tonight. It was kinda anti climax a little. Cos there was a group sitting in front of Amal and I. One of them went to the toilet. So when she came back she tapped her friend who was sitting near the isle to move so that she could get back to her seat. The friend shrieked when she was tapped. And when she did that it wasnt even the scary part. I had a hard time trying not to laugh. HAHAHAA. The ending was. freaky.


It’s raining. Aww man. Good sleep. Good sleep


so yah. the ending was freaky. But really, its kinda scary if it really happens to you man. That’s why, my Mum always tells me not to think so much about these things and in some way give it some respect, y’know. the dude in the show was so asking for it. Maybe a part of me felt like he deserved it. Agitating the thing. tsk. After the movie, I went home to change cos i didnt look good enough for a concert. I felt so selekeh. U know, messy. I changed while Amal waited for me under the block. To school next. Amal was hungry so we went to design to eat. I didnt feel like eating. Then headed to the auditorium for Dreams 2.

Pretty good show for 4 bucks. But i cannot stand how some people complain about the production being budget… blahblah. i mean come on. You paid 4 bucks for it. FOUR BUCKS.and it’s for charity. what do you expect? like service by ushers with suits and everything? no right. I mean get real la. -_- But i enjoyed myself. APPLAUSE TO ALL THE PERFORMERS AND PRODUCTION CREW! WOOOOOOO.

Home then while Amal had dinner with his mates.

Overall a happy day. I got to help for a good cause. I got cool stuff from ccn day. I got to spend time with Amalul Love. Freak out at some movie. Watch tpde seniors perform. watch nabilah and ridzwan perform. All is good. Hehehe.

Very sleepy now. zzz. till next time. adios amigos.



“Sometimes the one who knows how to annoy you at any time is the one who loves you the most.”

– immissingyou.tumblr.com


True? Haha. Why dont you tell me Amalul. Heh. Thank you for a great day. I love you 🙂


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