The Adventures Of.

Didnt wait up for Amalul Love to finish playing soccer. Cos I felt kinda sleepy : but anyhoos. back to the purpose why I blogged in the first place.


I wanna eat banana pizza. And I just wanted to say that I’m building up confidence so i can be fit enough to watch paranormal activity with Amalul Love this Friday. I’m a sucker for horror shows. but, since he wants to watch it so much, I’ll be the awesome-estbestrestfestlestdesthestgestwestqest girlfriend and tag along. Besides, any outing with Mr Annoying will make my day.


Adventure this Friday: Paranormal Activity.


And did i mention. He was so annoying yesterday. So much so that i admitted i hated him. But I didnt mean it (like duh) I should really get an award for being able to tolerate his nonsense. HAHA.

PS: Amalul honey, please dont get angry. EHEHEHE. I LOVE YOU. times 10 to the power of infinity. Even a maths noob like me knows that’s like a lot. but to put it in food monster terms for people like me (or just well, me) I love you ice cream truck loads. like all the ice cream trucks in the world. with waffles and rainbow toppings and strawberry toppings and chocolate syrup and maple syrup…. even frozen yoghurt…







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