I skipped lecture today. Rmtds/APIP. Hardiharhar. Doing my IO SDL now. Yes, I’m doing work. I figured if I dont buck up now, I’ll never do so. START NOW! but anyhoos. I’m sidetracking from doing work. Cos I wanna blog about something that i feel is sorta critical cos i hate it when people make my friends feel kinda guilty when my friends havent done anything wrong.

I highly doubt the person/people I’m directing this to will ever be able to read what I’m typing. But Whatever. Look. We all are mature people. Seventeen. The days of jealousy cos of dudes are long gone. That was so secondary school days. Like dammit, move on. I gotta agree that maybe it wasnt right of the dude to have given you hope and shit. And trust me, I’ve been where you are and it sucks balls. Shit happens, y’know. Life sucks. but what you gonna do about it. you can either complain and weep about it or just take it with a pinch of salt and move on. Yeah, its hard. But what? are you gonna wait like forever? C’mon man. Time and tide waits for no man. Life is too short to hover on past feelings and emotions. Heard of fate? yeah, fate hurts. But it’s what you gotta believe in.

And i sure as hell dont appreciate the fact you’re making the dude’s current girlfriend feel like shit- all guilty for no apparent reason. You have no right to make her feel that way. What caused your ‘pain and agony’ was between you and the dude, not the girl. She doesnt hate you she doesnt even have like things or feelings against you. How do you think she feels when you talk shit about her and her boyfriend. Give some respect man.

really, why are you hovering over the fact that he was supposed to help you… blahblahblah. yeah u had smething going on. but its not anymore. he offered help, yes. offering and giving help is 2 different things. I can offer you a chocolate but its up to you if you wanna take it or not. simple. did you? did you call him to ask for help? no u didnt. and now you blame him for not helping you. and u wanna publicsise the whole conversation into the world wide web. you know i would have at least given you people a wee bit of respect if your conversation made sense. but all i see are vulgarities and shitass uncivilised words. Congratulations you just made yourself sound that much dumber. It’s not helping that it’s been a year since the whole incident and you can still say shit that you’ve moved on but you’re still dissing the crap out of the guy. move on my ass.

Well, surprise. these 2 people you messed with happens to be 2 of my good friends. and i hate it when my friends get dissed for some old grandmother’s story. You know if you were so fierce and brave, why cant you just call him up and tell him straight to his face what wrong he has done to you. Why must you hide behind a screen and show your power (which is to me non-existent)? Unlike you, I’m a civilised person. If ever you’re unhappy with this blogpost of mine, come. I’ll talk to you. In person. Civilised. But really. just tell the dude what the hell is your problem and let it go.

3 new words for you and that vengeful friend of yours.

No, not I love you.

Let it go.

Life’s too short to hold so much anger inside. It’s too short.


And i couldve used this time to finish my assignment. Dammit. Oh well. what i would do to kill time while waiting for Amalul Love to finish class. On the contrary, I’d like to complain to SBS Transit cos one of their bus drivers refused to open the door for Amalul even after ringing the bell 5 times. He even gave Amalul the i wanna fight stare. TSK. If you were having some sort of midlife crisis, dont take it out on people man. So much for GOOD MORNING (big smiley face to passengers) Err I think you need to teach this bus driver the meaning of courtesy.

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