Weekends have been rather boring and mundane. I didnt do much on saturday cos well, there wasnt alot to do. So i slacked at home and watched how i met your mother. Ate ice cream and helped mum do some house chores. went to granny’s in the evening and slacked with Abang Yan. Showed him dance pics and videos and my friends. I’m gonna get movies and shows from him today! Woooopedeeedooo

Class this morning was a disappointment. Cos I memorised the surah. just that. when ustazah started testing me, I HAD A HARD TIME REMEMBERING WHAT I JUST MEMORISED. Sigh. Oh well. read abit of percog during the free time i had. Then home it was.

As always my phone is forever in my room and on silent. I was doing some work on sheldon. Amalul came online and told me he sent me a text. LOL. WOOOOPS.

I checked my phone and i went aww. Lol. Cos the big boy misses me. I miss you too, Love πŸ™‚
And No, you’ve never neglected me. I’m always the one who neglects you. hehe.

I guess I gotta go get ready for Aryn’s partaayyyy.

K bye.



I needed the shelter of someone’s arms, there you were
I needed someone to understand my ups and downs,
there you were
With sweet love and devotion
Deeply touching my emotion
I want to stop (stop) and thank you baby
I want to stop (stop) and thank you baby

How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you

How Sweet It Is- James Taylor


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