What A Monday

Bad Monday, I should say. I spent the whole day controlling my menstrual cramps. Clearly not a joke. It’s the worst menstrual cramps i have ever gotten in a very long time. I only had fun in between classes. Or annoying Hana and Nabilah. And of course. Meeting Amalul ‘Arifin (:

Lectures were dry. SIGH. I barely paid attention. Bad Bad Bad. I have school for 2 hours only tomorrow. I have yet to decide what to do. Should I or should I not stay in school. Should I or Should i not go home after lunch and come back in the evening. Oh well. We’ll see. Cramps are subsiding but they’re still there : I was whiny. And thank you Amalul ‘Arifin for handling my whiny-ness. Hee.

Nothing much happened on this mundane monday. I was only happy that I got to meet Amalul. HEHEE.

Okay I think i’m gonna go rest for a bit.

K bye.



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