This post is specially for the choreographers that i worked with during commbased.


Eyyyyyy bro! hahaha. I appreciate your concern towards me cos I’m Luqman’s friend. hehe. And I cannot thank you enough for bringing out the potential in me. I never went for classes. I just simply love dancing. Thank you for always believing in HH4 since the very beginning. I know as a group we have been rather difficult in a sense that it was hard for us to get your choreo right- just the way you want it. But nevertheless, you still kept on believing and having confidence in us to make your choreo come alive.


MUMMMMYYYY! HAHAHAHA. You’re a great person to be with. I admire the fact that you can be strict and relaxed when the time comes for you to do so. I feel that your strictness in cleaning up the steps has made us become better dancers as a group. Although we’ve disappointed you, jonas and joel many times, you still never lost hope in us. Even when for a moment we felt like we lost hope in ourselves. On the bright side, we made it through commbased!


Thank you for your words of encouragement in the certificate thing šŸ™‚ Cos from there i know where i can work on to be a better dancer. You also never stopped believing in all of us. Although we messed up your choreo and we couldnt get it as smooth as how you could do it. you still pushed us on so that we could at least reach your standard.


You are awesome! You taught us alot of techniques like accents and everything and where to apply them. Although sometimes you are very strict during clean ups, but i personally believe that its all for our own good. true enough, we pulled through. As you said, street jazz isnt easy and now we understand what you mean


ATY. HMMMMM. Hahhaha. okay kidding. You are always the one who teaches us to be sexy! Woo! hahaha. I like your style and i feel that you brought out the confidence in all of us. you brought out our inner diva and you always did it with a smile. even when you’re angry, you still smile cos you’re scared all of us might hate you. HAHA.


EULENE IS WEIRD! HAHAHA. ok kidding. you appear very quiet. but actually you’re really nice and you can have fun when the time is right. You give great advices on showmanship and expressions and telling us never to give up.

All the choreographers I’ve worked with, It has been an awesome experience and I wouldnt have it any other way. you guys worked really hard too and i hope you had fun working with all of us as well. thanks for always believing in us and we apologise for the times where we have disappointed you. All in All, I know i had a great experience and i’m sure the rest feels the same way


LOVE! šŸ˜€


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