Crunch time

Excited and nervous for tomorrow’s performance. YES, TOMORROW. All the hard work will be paid off tomorrow. CRUNCH TIME WOOHOO. I know it’s gonna be a blast. and by tmr night i’d be begging for a re-run. Hehhe

So. today was. Interesting. Eka, Enno and Nad came to watch me rehearse! THANKS LOADS FOR COMING MANZXZ! thanks to rudy and akmal too! sorry you guys had to wait SOOOOOO long. hehehhe

dance. mates. cousins support. Amalul 🙂

All is good. Hope tomorrow goes smoothly. hehehe.

OK BYE. pictures from tomorrow 😀

2 thoughts on “Crunch time”

  1. i finally have to go online and finally dropped by your blog la. and please call me if you have future sets. you know i’ll be there to see you on stage! HAHA.

    1. EEEEYYYYYYYYYYY. wtfag. change link never tell me. TSK. Yah boy. eons since u last set fingers into the world wide web. HAHAHAA. For sure for sure! I’m dancing agn on the 17th. but oh well. It’s during working hours. but anyhoooooooos. I’ll update you more about the concert nect year. That is if i do get in lah. LOL.

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