The Supposed 25. Supposed.

1. You’ve seen me at my best, my worst, my happy times, my sad times, the ups, the downs
2. I tell you practically everything. Since the beginning.
3. I never get bored of talking to you; be it on MSN, text or in person
4. You make me laugh. And when I laugh, I smile.
5. Although I’ve hurt you with the things I’ve shared with you about my feelings towards someone else, you still treated me no different
6. You gave me the whole season of GG
7. You’re tall
8. You crack really lame jokes
9. Responsible
10. Sincere
11. You tolerate my constant food cravings
12. I enjoy listening to random songs from random bands with you
13. You make me smile everyday; even when i’m cranky or tired
14. You shower me with constant attention
15. You make me feel special; Like I actually matter
16. It’s like when I’m with you everyday is an adventure. I can never expect anything cos you can just come up with something random. That’s why i look forward to everyday cos I know each day is gonna be interesting.

I know i said I’d make a list of 25. And then. I’m reminded by the fact that I dont need reasons to like you and have feelings for you. Cos how i feel about you- is unconditional.



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