I feel restless and lethargic. Sigh.

I dont know. I hope it’s temporary- them lazy shitass feelings.
I lost my drive.

But nevertheless,
with or without PMS, I dare say that it’s been a long time since I sincerely smiled so much and laughed so hard. It’s like I wake up, and i actually look forward to something. And it’s not just dance. My gray days are slowly being coloured again.

It’s like my colouring book lost all it’s colour, and now someone bought new colour pencils/crayons and helping me colour the gray spaces in my colouring book =)

I dont wanna be too confident, or go too fast, or rush things. Cos I aint sure of what’s going on with me emotionally.

But I swear, I havent felt this happy for a very long time.

I’m just taking it as, i’m on a float in a stream or a river. and I’m just following where the tide takes me.

I’m enjoying the ride (:


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