Hali Laya

So basically Mates came to my place on Sunday (Y)

Thank you for coming! šŸ˜€ I really enjoy your company hehe. and i hope you enjoyed the food too! šŸ˜€ Met Fiqqy, Diq and Zahran too. Poly mates. Sec sch mates. So it was fun! šŸ˜€

Syazwan came all the way frm woodlands to my place. He even got lost. I felt bad if I didnt go to his house for raya. So yesterday we all went to syazwan’s house at woodlands. I felt good that i went all the way to woodlands (: it’s only fair and it’s only the right thing to do. Had fun. Long ride in the bus. 12 hours of lameness (courtesy of Amalul and the rest) the balls of my feet are sore thanks to my heels.

Today went for dance in the morning and met my girls for some girl time ā¤ Then met Amal for ice cream! šŸ˜€ The last time i ate at gelare was like a month ago. Hee. Then followed Amalul to school cos he went to play soccer and i was bored. too early for me to head home anyway cos mum was comin home late. took 21 from pasir ris. then as we were minding our own business. listening to some random indonesian band on Amalul’s mp3, a bunch of people going jalan raya boarded the bus. they were noisy, scary and a disgrace to the malay society. We thought we could ignore them la. But then one of them started talkin about this indian girl sitting opposite them. Apparently this indian girl could understand malay and she went “Eh shut up! you think i dont understand malay is it?!”

Then the big hoo haa began. the guy, action big fuck, started cursing at the girl. Then once nevermind la. Like enuff. this one. omg wanna action power la. so irritating. Amal and i exchanged wtf looks. We were embarrassed. I didnt enjoy my bus ride. So Amal suggested to go sit at the bottom deck of the bus. I agreed. Upon reaching the lower deck we expressed our paiseh-ness to be malays. Dammit they were wearing baju kurung and everything making a fool our of themselves.

Stopped at tamp 1 to take 15 and to school it was. Sent Amal till like the astro turf and turned back. walked to safra. boarded 8 which was fucking packed. then i saw amalina at the bus stop after safra. i felt so. urgh in the bus. so i dropped off to say hi to amalina cos it seemed as though she was alone. BUT. SUPPLIES! the crew was there! means Fiqqy was there! šŸ˜€ they were going to diq’s place so we all took 59. Awkward moment. but screw it hahaha. I felt nothing. HAHHA. yes, he was THAT insignificant.

Dance tmr till noon. then i’m free. well at least i think i am. better go and bump now. fas says she’ll be angry if we’re a minute late tmr. means i must leave at like 815 tops. k bye.


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