TPDE and Me freaking out for 1 1/2 hours.

I love my dance mates. Hahah. random mass convos. and i mean MASSIVE MASS CONVOS.

Clarence the Dad, and Zul the mum, I am the proud daughter. Tomorrow we’re celebrating mooncake festival after training! See the LOOOOOOVE ❤


So. I had st jazz this morning. I was expecting like very bad comments and cold shoulders by the choreographers after our disappointing performance during vetting yesterday. Yeah, we sat down and talked about it. But during practice, Fas, Aty and Eulene were really cool and calm. They didnt give us cold shoulders, they could even get us lollipops. At the end of the class I told them that i was very appreciative that they had a positive attitude towards everything even though we have disappointed them alot. I feel very bad for doing so. But I really thank them for taking the situation in a mature way. So, thank you Fas, Aty and Eulene! You girls are the best (: I would not ask for other choreographers for St jazz. Like EVER.

Heh. So after dance i went home, had lunch, napped then showered. I felt really GIRL today cos i took like 40 mins to get ready and get out of the house. Heheheh. Was awakened by Amal’s text la. So after that i went to shower. by then it was like what? 2? i left home at like 2.40. HAHAHHAHA. I LEFT HOME WITH VERY NICE HAIR. Cos everyday my hair is like ruined cos i sweat during dance. I didnt dance, but i still sweat. why? cos of the weather -_- I was annoying la. I think i repeated the fact that i went out of the house with nice hair for like more than 10 times. LOL.

OH THE MOVIE. OH MY TOES. Cheat feelings ok. I was freaking out even before the movie started. I freaked out when they told the first 4 stories. AND THE LAST ONE. OMG. freakin hilarious. it’s like EPIC know. I would never would have thought of that. So kudos to the producer. *claps* And Amal being the himbo that he is. 2 tickets were 13 bucks. He took out 30. GOD KNOWS WHY. but yah. 30 bucks for 2 tickets. MAL? WTF? ahhahaha.

After the movie i decided to go eat yoghurt at frolicks 😀 Shared with Amal since he has NEVER eaten yoghurt before -_- ok after the movie was the time i let go of my cravings for food. HAHHAHA. yoghurt wasnt the end la ok. I GOT PRETZELS! *DANCES AROUND AND THROWS CONFETTI* then we went to the open plaza and sat down enjoying our pretzels. then home it was.

I am a sucker for horror movies. Most of the time i dont see the ghosts or monsters cos my hands will be on my face, or my face will be covered with my sweater or smtg. HAHAHA. I scream. And I freak out even though nothing has happened yet. hehe ^_^V ok. dance tmr! MOONCAKE FESTIVAL WITH DANCEMATES! wooo! I hope vetting with Gin tomorrow goes wel =) Insya Allah. Amiin


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