Dance Dance, we’re falling apart to half time

So. Vetting was today. Let’s just say i feel like going for training tomorrow with a paper bag over my head.

You know that feeling where you disappoint people. Ah. Sucks right. yeah like that. And also, remember the days when you did math. You knew how to answer the question. but somehow, you did it wrongly.

I know my dance seniors arent my parents. But still, i mean imagine if you worked so hard to make something really nice and teach people to do it but the people cant execute it properly, you’d feel disappointed too right? I swear its not my intention to purposely make my seniors look like fools. Heck, thats one thing I was freaking afraid of. Which therefore lead to the nerves and my lack in confidence in my performance. I think my group mates also feel the same way. We know we cant really match up to the rest of the hip hop items. But what keeps us going on is the fact that we dont wanna let our choreographers down. I know HH4 will be the Zai HH4 that we are supposed to be. WE CAN. WE CAN. I know we can. So, I’m sorry Jonas, Serene and Joel. Cos i know I screwed up when i shouldnt have and blaming on my nerves should not be an excuse anymore. But please, i hope you’ll not give up on HH4 although we have never really reached yr standards. Cos I know we, as HH4, your juniors, will not give up until we see smiles on your faces when you see us doing the dance that YOU guys choreo-ed.

For street jazz, I was buzzed when we were told we didnt give an impact. And I feel so freaking bad cos I let Fas, Eulene and Aty down. I dont even know how to face them tomorrow during training. I feel paiseh to face them. They’ve put so much effort in doing everything and we screwed it up big time. I could see Fas’s and Eulene’s faces. The disappointment. SIGH. I just feel so bad that i made people unhappy. Cos I like everyone to be happy. Usually I’m the one who makes people happy. But this time, I made people UNHAPPY. have i lost my happy touch? :

I just wanna apologise for not giving my best today. screwing up when I know i shouldnt have. Messing everything the seniors had planned.

But oh well. First vetting down. Time for us to take the criticism positively. Instead of whining and getting angry we should take what the seniors commented and apply it to make our dance better. So that is what i should think about now. What’s past is past. I must improve. Positive thinking.


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