Toughen Up.

Dance is tough.

Didnt really have much of a good day at dance today. Cos for both dances it was kind of a disappointment to the choreographers. I felt sad. Like i almost felt like crying. I gave my best today but it wasnt enough.

I felt angry too. But at the same time. Nobody is to be blamed so i cant be angry at all. The seniors are doing their job. I mean if i were in their shoes, I’d feel frustrated too.

Sigh. I guess both st jazz and HH4 must really work extra hard to reach and match the standard. Not really a walk in a park considering the performance is in 10 days. sometimes i wonder if its possible. but i guess if u put yr mind and soul into it and never give up, u can do it. So thats what i’m tellin myself.

To HH4 and St Jazz
JIA YOU! come on people we can do it. Must have faith in ourselves (Y)

Aku penat la.


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