She Will Be Loved.

My days have been filled with warm ups, crunches and dance. Dance everyday has got me a fit person. EHEM. HAHAHHAA. It’s a way to burn all the hari raya fats manzxzzx.

But. I’m kinda scared. Cos my right knee feels funky =
and also, i was kinda buzzed in dance today cos my group didnt nail the dance as nicely as the other hiphop groups. But like what Luqman As’ad always tells me; In dance it’s always like that. U gotta just keep on dancing and improving. So yeah, that’s what i’m gonna do. GO HH4! we can do it! 😀

I wished I had the tickets to watch F1 man. I saw the area. I felt so jealous. I WANNA SEE THE CARS. HAIZ.
And the sambal from the nasi lemak is making me fart.
Rushed home after dance and got ready to meet Amalul cos he needed to get some stuff from Art Friend. Walked around ION. Pretty much nothing except for people. HAHAHA.

on a little solemn note.

I’d fill the room up with balloons- colourful balloons cos you thought it was cool having a room filled with them.
I’d show you the most retarded face that i can make cos you’ve always wanted to see it.

See there’s so many things that i’d do if I could. But I cant.


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