The Last Stretch.

I hope I’d be able to usher in Syawal this time.

Dance schedule out. BUSY BUSY BUSY. Kinda buzzed cos i enjoyed doing nothing. HAHA.
But on the bright side, I think its gonna be an awesome experience. Will be doing Hip hop 4 (L.A hip hop) and Street jazz. Street jazz should be interesting *waggle eyebrows* and I felt quite heartened when Aty came up to me after dance this morning and put her arm around my shoulder and said “Hee! see you in street jazz!” So yeah. I’m pretty psyched about street jazz. I cant wait for L.A too! If i’m not wrong, Jonas will be training us. So that’ll be fun. Or at least i hope.

So. My week has been planned. I have no idea how the hell I’m gonna bake my cookies. But I guess I’d have to fight with mum for the kitchen space *shifty look*Annnnd. on the bright side. with my weekdays packed with dance, time will fly. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. Good thing cos time flies, means Syawal is peeking in. and Bad cos Ramadhan is leaving =( such a good and serene month. I’d have to say it wasnt one of the best months I’ve experienced. But it has indeed brought me closer to Allah. My patience and my strength tested. Behind every hardship, there will be something good.

As quoted by Dolly Parton, “The way I see it, to see the rainbow, you gotta get through the rain”

I is gonna be belly busy this week. And for weeks to come cos of commbased proj. Good thing? Bad thing? A bit of both, but I’m down. I’m down for the ride. And besides, its gonna be like the juniors’ first ever performance! So i’m really lookin forward to that. I hope my friends would be able to watch tho! 😀

OK. soccer match. Having some father daughter bonding time =)


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