Under The Weather.

firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KA! 😀
wth. you just turned seventeen and I’m turning 18 soon. I FEEL SO OLD! = haa.

And so. My throat. Not doing good. I’m starting to cough and my nose is not helping the situation. Currently I feel like my head’s floating around without my body and on top of that it’s throbbing. GRRRREEEEAAAAT. and I have like 12-18 hours to decide the fate of my hair.

Pardon me, I feel so BLAH. Ramadhan’s ending. BOOO. So fast. Maybe a while ago, i was counting down the days. But now, I want more Ramadhan time. Come on. IT HAPPENS ONLY ONE MONTH IN A YEAR. Nabi Muhammad S.A.W fasted for like a long time (longer than a month) consecutively. Like everyday. Aiyah. I’m lazy to like talk about how some people are so lazy to fast. NYEHHHHHHHH. It’s between Allah and them anyways. So.

Happy Last weekend of Ramadhan everyone.


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