If That’s How It’s Supposed to Be.

I refuse to stoop down to a level where I subconsciously seek sympathy from others (eg. readers blahblah). I’ll try make this a very strong, firm post.

Today is a date where its SUPPOSED to be like special and everything. For those whose 090909 turned out to be special, good for you. And i stronglyly urge you to thank God that it’s special. I might have just experienced the worst “interesting date” day.

But from the way i see it, it’s such a holy month. And everything happens for a reason. If that’s how Allah wants to challenge me, then I’ll accept it. I’ll accept it- with open arms. Because you cant fight fate. You cant fight what’s meant to be. You cant fight what Allah determines. He’s the Almighty, He’s the Great. So, I’ll accept it, and I’ll pull through.

I dont know how. But I have to. I do not have a choice. It’s true when they say at times when you feel at an all time low, praying is the only way out. praying calms you down. When you’re down on the praying mat, just telling Allah how you feel and how much you want him to give you strength and even more patience, you can’t help but realise how small you are. Like i said, if this is how its meant to be, then I’ll accept it with open arms. Because that’s the right thing to do. If I’ve been patient for the last five months, there is no excuse for me not being able to be patient. I just need more strength. And I need to believe that I can be patient.

Although I’m back at square one, I learnt to be patient. thats one thing I can take back to call my own.

But nevertheless, I’ll still make you smile, with that 32 ways.

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