32 Ways to Make You Smile.

32 Ways to Make You Smile

1) Smile at you
2) Bake you cookies
3) Tell you lame jokes
4) Sing a really nice song with my ugly voice
5) Take pictures with you
6) Talk about what you like
7) Tell you random facts about me that apparently hold a comedic value
8) Ask you how have you been
9) Text you good morning
10) Suprise you
11) Make funny faces
12) Trip and fall in front of you
13) Stress out about work in front of you
14) Freak out when you’re around
15) Spill my food
16) See you in specs
17) My random bimbotic moments
18) Give you the my “PLEASE BE MY FRIEND” face
19) Finish your cucumber
20) Get all hyped up
21) When you catch me stoning
22) When I blush
23) Laugh at your jokes
24) The times when I dont get what you’re saying
25) When I take random pictures
26) Me getting excited over random things
27) Me being afraid of flying things
28) When I tell you about mybad day
29) When I cant make up my mind
30) Talk way more than i need to
31) Rushing off after class to see you
32) All 31 of the above mentioned ways to make you smile, represents the 32nd way i make you smile. And thats just by being none other than, myself


You as in. General. Or actually. It depends on how you see it.


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