Borders Wheelock Disappoints. Again.

Forget about patronising Borders Wheelock. Go to Borders Parkway Parade. The staff there actually WORK and are more efficient at customer service. For those who knew what happened last year about the release of Breaking Dawn, you should know that I’ve had my share of bad customer service by Borders Wheelock. I thought they’d change their ways. But apparently not.

F, L and I went to Borders to get ourselves the latest issue of teenvogue. I needed to renew my card too. So we got ourselves an issue of teenvogue and went to the cashier. I went first since i had to pay to renew my card. There were a few counters. And there were a few staff too. I was attended by this guy whom i think was chinese but was able to speak malay. He was happily speaking malay with another malay staff. After I paid for my things, he put my magazine in a carrier. I lent my card to L and then F. L and F didnt get a carrier. He didnt even offer if they wanted a carrier. Good service, no? Not only that, when F paid, the cashier could still say “I’m sick and tired of touching the same magazine”.

First and foremost, I didnt know you could speak your second language while working at a book store WHILST attending customers. secondly, Why did he only give me a carrier. What? My friends dont deserve a carrier? They’re customers too, you know. Even if my friends didnt want it. at least have the decency to ask “Hi miss, would you like a carrier?” of the 3-4 people near the counter, and the 3-4 other counters available, why was only ONE counter open? what are the other 3-4 staff doing hanging around, speaking to the cashier in malay, bitching about what they wanna do tomorrow, how they feel about touching the same magazines…? WHAT THE HELL? And the whole “I’m sick and tired of touching the same magazine?” THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WORKING IN A FREAKING BOOK STORE. Isnt the same thing as “I’m sick and tired of touching books.” DUDE. YOU WORK AT A BOOKSTORE. YOU ARE PAID TO TOUCH BOOKS AND MAGAZINES.

How ironic. My cousin, who has worked at Borders Parkway Parade before, told me that when the management hires their staff, they really look for the cream of the crop. The people who know what they’re doing. and are responsible for their own behaviour. What is this? Borders Wheelock is the place where all the ex patriates get their books. Is this one of the reasons why you treat the local customers like shit? What? just because we buy ONE 8 Dollar magazine in one time, we should be treated differently? Excuse me, locals bring up your sales revenue too. So i do not see a reason why we should be treated differently. Suddenly Borders Wheelock is like the high end boutiques? Where all the staff only show their care and concern towards people who would actually BUY their merchandise and not give a hoot about those who wont? WHEY. WHAT HAPPENED TO “GO THE EXTRA MILE FOR SERVICE”


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