My shortlived happiness </3

I’m still in my Peejays. I blame the weather. I am so lazy to go and shower. I even woke up late for class. So i didnt go. wth.

But anyways. Yesterday I was FINALLY discharged from HPB. BAIK LA. *claps hand*
After spending the whole morning with mum, I couldnt take it. She was being too lame.

1) While waiting for my turn, she saw a pot of plants outside the doctor’s office.
Mum: Do you think those plants are real?
Me: No -_-” how can it be real. how to survive in air con without sunlight
Mum: Oh ya eh.. Some more it’s a hospital right.. Alot of sick people.. got disease.. how can the plants survive.
Me: *Gives mum the look* WTH……

2) we were waiting for the train. then suddenly she talked about a time when she was going to work. she took a train to pasir ris so she could get a seat. somehow or rather, the computer voice who tells us what station’s coming next, was screwed up. So my mum was like closing her eyes alr… suddenly.
“Next station, Pioneer”
My mum opens her eyes. and she laughed looking at some people’s reaction. i started laughing cos her face. was like kental la. My mother. HAIZ.

3) My mum is obsessed with doing her laundry. We were reaching tampines. Then she realised it was veyr bright and sunny. and she hasnt done the laundry for the day.

Mum: Ehhhh. So sunny…. MY LAUNDRY!
me: Omg mum seriously? LAUNDRY? in the mrt? of all places to think about it? -______-“
Mum: heheheehehe.

HAHAHA. But i enjoyed the fact that the doctor discharged me from HPB!!!! šŸ˜€
Apparently my weird spine which had a curvature degree of 38 degrees (2 degrees more to surgery) actly decreased to 31 degrees! Alhamdulillah! šŸ˜€
I had to take an x ray -_- which i hate. cos its too troublesome. and furthermore, that lady at the radiology clinic didnt know how to pronounce my name.
I swear i had no idea she was calling me. That’s how bad she mispronounced my name. -_-

So everything was okay. I was excited for the match that night.

But honestly, Arsenal shouldve won. Man U’s goals were just out of plan luck. If it wasnt for the penalty and the luck they got by Arsenal’s own goal, Arsenal would have won. But it’s okay. Let’s just say that in a game, there has to be a winner and a loser. And let’s just say that Man U had good feng sui la ok. My heart broke into pieces la. And the worst part is. My dad is a secret MAN U FAN. He was throwing his fists up in the air! Even make me even more depressed. SIGH. in my face. he threw his fists in the air. and went “YESSSS!” </3


But on the bright side.
HAHHAHAHAHAH. Omg feeling la me. nvm la.


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