No, Stats did not make my hair like that by STATic. (Get it? LAUGH PLEASE)







I have not studied stats for the day. The weather’s not helping. Oh wth. I’m making excuses as always. I’m worried about certain things. At least I’ve been thinking of em. And one of it is my hair. My dad doesnt want me to have curly hair. Or wavy hair. And I’m scared that if i go ahead with doing something with my hair, I’ll look like shit. To make myself feel better, I curled my hair using the curling iron. And it turned out like THAT (points to pictures up top) I think I look fine. Like super cute la. Like little girl. ME LIKEY *waggle eyebrows* but I dont know. I need other people to tell me. I’ll just as the hairdresser what kind of curl or waves would not make me look like a fool. And I do not want to end up saying “I shouldve listened to Daddy.” Cos sometimes i hate it when he’s right. HAHAHA.

And to add salt to the wound. I is belly jealous that everyone’s status is like “EXAMS ARE OVER! HOLIDAYS WOO!” I’m still here. Havent even done one paper. My paper is tomorrow BY THE WAY. So I’m like about 20 hours to freedom. Paper’s in the morning, so i cant sleep late tonight. Or else I’d just drool on the paper la.

So yah. After tomorrow, I only have these things to worry about;

1) Check up at hospital
2) X-stigma thingy
3) Dance
4) My hari raya outfit

And as of this moment, THE GUYS ARE LIKE 25 MINS AWAY FROM FREEDOM. AND I’M LIKE A LITTLE LESS THAN 20 HOURS TO FREEDOM. Talk about unfairness. But oh well. They deserve it. They have like, three papers.



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