yes. I already intensely practiced stats *sastisfied face*

I just needed to post this. I know I’m youngest. And everyone’s all older… And blah blah blah… What does this little girl know…. She knows peanuts… blah blah blah. well.

I have only this to say;

“but they gotta realise that i’m 17
and i’m capable of being mean too.
i’m capable of being straightforward
and sarcastic
i dont need to have gone overseas to study. i dont need to teach in a jc. i dont need to be good in music. and have like famous friends
i freakin study psychology at temasek poly which is one course in the whole of singapore with the lowest cut off point.
and i have awesome friends too even though they’re not famous. cos i’d rather have non- famous friends who’ll stick by than famous friends who’re superficial and materialistic and can just go anytime cos they’re capable of doing so.

I dont even need to drink to get high cos i get high when i’m with my friends. I’m blessed with me awesome parents. so really, i dont lose anything. i dont look any smaller when i stand beside them just because they’re older.”

-Tiara Surya Dusqie

try me.


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