One thing i’ve learnt so far in 2009, being seventeen is none other than patience. They say it’s “separuh dari iman” which means half of your faith. I couldnt agree more. Hmm I really dont know what i’m getting at by putting this post up. I guess it’s just a reminder for me, and maybe other people who need it. Life is hard. Academics. Family. Personal issues. You name it. But one thing you’ll need in life, is patience. It’s not an easy thing to do, it’s not something easy to control. In my opinion, it can only be achieved when you learn how to control how you feel. We are all humans. We are exposed to impulse reactions or feelings. Sometimes we say things we dont mean, or feel things that we dont really feel to begin with. Sometimes, impulse makes us do things that are caused by anger or frustration- or simply to feel a certain form of satisfaction.

The question is, do we actually get that satisfaction? I dont think so. I think it makes us all look like monsters who greed for perfection and forced purpose in life. It brings out the ugly side of us. I know. Everyone wants to feel happy, wants to feel contented, wants to feel joy. But is this the way to achieve it? What do you feel when you get out of an impulse action or feeling, or whatever for that matter? You’ll feel nothing.

Why? Cos you never felt the hardship to get you to where you are. Be it a sense of happiness or satisfaction. Are you actually really satisfied? Satisfied in getting what you want in a snap of a finger? How can you treasure something when you never even felt how hard it was to get it in the first place? How can you feel content when you’ve  never felt the sensation of waiting so long, hanging on so tight and never giving up?

To get there, you need patience. Patience is a virtue. Patience is a gift. I learnt that. And I almost let go because of this thing we all call “Impulse”

Patience. Patience. It will never let you down. Trust me. Cos it didnt let me down. I thank Allah for it. But most importantly, I thank Allah for blessing me with none other than, Patience.


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