Citations Referencing… blah blah…

I lost my matric card.

For like. 4 hours.

I have since been reunited with my matric and ezlink card.

So. I was supposed to go nenek’s place via mrt. So as mum and i were leaving, I remembered i didnt have my ezlink card. I searched in my bag, on the table. Everywhere. I couldnt find it. By then mum was like freaking pissed at me. So in my head i was like “Are my weekends gonna be like this all the time?” I was sad. Like very emotional. Checked in the pockets of my track pants i wore the day before, nothing. And mum already washed that pants. So we checked the washing machine. there was nothing. I thought while she dried it outside, it fell off the pocket and ended up in the drain. I went down to see if the drain had my cards. Nothing. So after a while, mum got so pissed. we cabbed to nenek’s place. had a mini fight with mum cos she related that incident to that of the keys one. I was like “IT WASNT MY FAULT. DAD TOOK MY KEYS”

So in the cab i tried retracing my steps. I knew i put it in my pocket. I didnt drop it. For sure. So it must be at home. All the way i prayed and prayed that i’d be reunited with my cards. So as soon as i got home i showered. And in the shower i was planning where the cards might be. Β I even planned where i was gonna start and all. After showering i had to go pray. After taking wuduk i went to my room and put on my kain. Mum came in.

With something dangling from her finger.


*super happy face like u cannot imagine*

Where was it? In the dryer.


I GOT WORRIED FOR NOTHING?! but i sujud syukur man. Like really thankful.

So yah. that was it. My weekend. Now I’m stuck editting my essay.. Which has fucking 90+ comments… And I’m only at comment 50. good luck to me with the referencing and shit. IT IS NOT FUN I SWEAR.


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