I love Singapore. Period.

I will dress in red and white today. Rawr! *draws dinosaur*

So yesterday was Sarah’s BBQ! 😀 Woop Woop. I woke up at 8 for dance. Tired. Sleepy. I went out of the house. Took 8. Halfway through the journey, my senior sent a mass sms indicating that Gin was sick and dance was cancelled.


So i went home. Changed to shorts. Ate my breakfast. And napped. It wasnt really a nice nap though so i woke up still feeling tired =( At about 3:15 I left home and met Aziz at tampines Interchange to head down to Sarah’s place. Bus-ed to her area and tried looking for her place. WOAH. Her house is HUGE. I was in awe. Like orang jakun like that. Which is true la. I wont deny my jaw dropped. belly belly lucky girl. Woot woot. Heh. We saw the house, but we didnt wanna go in cos we were afraid of feeling awkward. So we decided to go back to cold storage to chill first. On the way there we met sarah! Haha. She went to get some stuff from cold storage. So we went back to her place. Her mum still remembers me! Lol. She even asked if Arwah nenek was still around. I said no.

Helped Sarah blow up balloons. Aziz was on a roll on that. He looked constipated. HAHAHA. But anyhoos. there were loads of balloons! I wonder if Aziz did keep to his word of buying balloons and filling his room with them. Hmm…. We were super early so we pasted the balloons on the walls. THEN. we waited. waited for the rest of the people to arrive.

And waited…

And waited…

FINALLY. Amal, Faiz and Nas arrived.

and FINALLY. Ehem. Izzabella – WOOPS I mean Izzat and Nabilah arrived together with Bobby. Heh. (Izzat! PLEASE DONT BE ANGRY! BE MY FRIEND! 🙂

The gathering was awesome. Played abit of concentration. Told lame jokes (which i ended up laughing on my own but i dont rally care cos I know my jokes are funny) Ate quite alot. Then by 10, we left cos I texted Mummy saying I was gonna leave at 10. Sarah’s mum packed some food for nabilah and I. So back home it was. I was dead tired by then. So tired that I called the moon SUN. *shakes head* More pictures from many people to come soon! Lol. I only grabbed the pictures from FB. Courtesy of Haeqal’s camera!


So on a happy note. I had a great day. I had a happy day. I had a very smiley day. Although I was sleepy. I had fun.

Contented, blessed and thankful.
Yes. Still as contented, like i was since last week. And I hope it’ll stay like this (:

We should get jerseys ’cause we make a good team



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