Fresh. Funky Fresh.

While it’s still fresh in my head. I shall blog about it NOW.

Aziz already guessed I was gonna blog about it so this shall not be of any suprise to him.
(I am sorry if i will make you feel extra HIMBO and BLONDE but you know I have to blog about this. Heh)

About a week ago, Aziz lost his matric card. So. When you lose your matric card, apparently you’ll have to make a police report and pay for your new card. So that was what he did. The troublesome process of getting a matric card. In the police report, this was what he wrote

“On (date) I lost my student matriculation card at Temasek Polytechnic. I tried searching for it but to no avail.”

Hold that thought.

Today, Nabilah asked Bobby to throw away some unwanted documents. Bobby threw it in Aziz’s bag. By then Nabilah and I had to go for lecture. During lecture, Nabilah told me to take out the rubbish from Aziz’s bag- the front pocket. So, I asked Aziz’s permission to see if the rubbish was still there. I opened the front pocket.

I saw the rubbish.

I took the rubbish out.

I knew it was rude for me to have like checked his bag further.

I did so anyway.

I found a Harry Potter postcard. I asked Aziz where he got it. He said he didnt know.

I put the Harry Potter post card back.

As I looked through,

“*holds up his ‘lost’ matric card*”


I couldnt take it. I went to the floor.

Aziz? He literally looked suicidal. His face was classic. It was the “OMG I CANT BELIEVE I WAS THAT KENTAL” face.

HAHAHAHHAHA. Still cant believe it man. He searched everywhere but to no avail? HAHAHAHAHHAHA.

Aziz… Aziz… Haiz…

I really have nothing else to say.

but nevertheless. Heh

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