Doo doo doo.

It’s not my night tonight. I cant find my test paper for stats. Vbus doesnt wanna accept my work. What else. WHAT ELSE. I feel so depressed right now. it’s annoying me. sigh.

on the bright side, school tmr. I miss my mates. Not looking forward to stats lecture but then again. what choice do i have right? one by one the guys fell sick =

and yah. after dance on saturday, met nabilah, amal, faizah and aziz to surprise nas at his house. Nas was sick. Like really sick. And we totally surprised him la. so cute. He just woke up, very unglamourous… But he looked really really sick. I hope he gets well soon! 😀 unfortunately on the way to nas’s place i drank a bottle of h two O and that was a mistake cos while waiting for Aziz who was late, i desperately needed to pee. like really desperately needed to pee. REALLY BADLY. but there werent any toilets. So i had to hold my bladder all the way home. it was torturous. thank goodness i didnt pee in my pants.

And yah. speaking of Aziz who was late. When i was at tamp mall with hana and nabilah to get hana’s hair straightener, amalul tld me he was on the way to the safra bus stop. he told me to go call Aziz cos he didnt pick up his phone. So i spam called him like seven times, thinking that he was still sleeping. it was 1 pm. i really thought he was sleeping. like really. after 7 miss calls, he finally called back. I thought he just woke up. I THOUGHT. so i told him where we were gonna meet and asked if he already showered. he said no -.- so on an impulse, i told him when i meet him later i’ll merajok with him for 15 mins. but i ended up overestimating my capabilities. so on the way to nas’s place, i texted him saying that i couldnt last for 15 so i shortened the merajok moment to five.

So after the merajok moment passed we surprised nas. and since Aziz was going to pasir ris to play soccer, we took the same bus. I still needed to pee. remember i said i THOUGHT he was sleeping and thats why he didnt pick up my call? turns out he wasnt sleeping. i spam called him 7 times around 12 ish. apparently he woke up at 10. and was watching tv.




I wanted to add in another extra 5 mins to the merajok moment. but i decided not to. cos i didnt want to overestimate my capabilities again. He laughed. And I still needed to pee. On the bus, there werent any seats. so we stood. all the mats who were gonna play soccer conquered the seats. And I still needed to pee. After the 20 mins bus ride, i finally reached my stop. Said bye to Aziz and walked home as fast as i could. Why? Cos I still needed to pee. Badly. reached the front door. Assalamualaikum! No answer. Assalamualaikum! No answer. I wanted to cry. WHERE WAS MY MUMMY AND WHY ISNT SHE OPENING THE DOOR. finally she came out. apparently she was in the loo. NOT HELPING. she opened the door and showered her motherly love. AND I STILL NEEDED TO PEE. “MUMMY I LOVE YOU TOO BUT I NEED TO PEE” ran to the toilet. the piss was great.

Eventful, no?

Lesson 1: pee before waiting for someone to arrive.
Lesson 2: never act on an impulse and overestimate your capabilities. ie. when u know u cannot NOT talk to a person for more than 5 mins, dont try.

and for sunday, hadith was surprisingly easy. I love ustazah. And i slept after getting home  from class. after which i spent time with mummy and daddy.we had coffee at starbucks for family coffee =) off to granny’s after that. Avi baked cookies. BUT IT CANT BEAT MINE! RAWR. Planning to bake cookies this week, Insya Allah. I should really invest on a cafe. *thinks*

I feel like shit when my friends are doing work and i’m updating my blog. so to make myself feel better I think i’ll edit my speech and try to memorise at least 1/4 of it.


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