I got my sleep. Lalala~ *dances around*

And, NO MORE STATS FOR THIS WEEK! from Monday’s evening class, to wednesday’s extra lesson in between breaks, today’s extended tutorial… I literally cannot take any more statistics. It is enough to last me another week. And i swear i’m getting sick of her face. Like really annoying =.=||

I really have nothing much to say. You know how sometimes there are just some things you just cant tell? Yeah, that’s one of the reasons why i have nothing much to say. I had a very eventful Tuesday night. It wasnt really pleasant. And I went to school the next day looking horrible cos I couldnt fall asleep =( I dozed off at four am. And woke up at 6.30. I went to school with half closed eyes. I met the guys during lunch and I couldnt even open my eyes properly. All I wanted to do was bump and sleep. At an attempt to pay attention to the Psych lecture, Nabilah and I went to Cheers. I got myself sunflower seeds (!!!) and a can of red bull to perk me up. Thank God it worked. I was kinda awake and when i went to meet the guys after lecture, i was actually ALIVE. Yes yes, cos Redbull gives you wingggggssss~ HAHAHA.

That was wednesday. Went home and i needed to study for the statistics test. *dreads* but i had no choice so i did it anywaaaaay. Thursday was dope. Class ended at two. Met the guys over at ITAS. Slacked there for a bit and went to the library. Left for home at five.

NOW I’M HOME. I JUST PAINTED MY NAILS. cos i just got shot O.O go figure. AHH the pain.

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