Wet. Ice cream. Kinder Joy. Fall. Broken Seat.

Today I went for class. Then I met Aziz and Hafir for cycling. Woo. Met Aziz at Sunplaza Park and went over to hafir’s place. From there we headed to East Coast. Half way, we stopped at cold storage. We bought 2 big bottles of peach tea. Which we didnt finish. A tub of smarties ice cream. And kinder joy! We slacked at the steps while eating the ice cream. What did we use to eat? We bought 85 cents worth of tau huay spoons. (which i later dropped cos apparently i’m just freakin clumsy today) Lalala~

Continued our journey to east coast. Upon arriving, we sat a break water and just chilled. with the breeze and songs from Aziz’s phone. Soon I thought that it was time that we made a move. So we did. Aziz was like really fast ar. So Hafir wanted to chase him. I was behind Hafir.

Suddenly. Hafir started wobbling. The next thing I knew, he fell. I was like O.O then Aziz, who was in front, stopped. Looking cool and all, He stopped and turned to see wat happened. As he was about to get off his bike, he tripped on his bike and fell. I wasnt laughing at hafir. I ended up laughing at Aziz. L-O-L Cool cool rdy. Suddenly fall. haha! So anyway, apparently Hafir’s bike seat broke. yes. It broke. He injured his elbow and his kneee while Aziz had a small cut on his palm. It then started to pour so we went to the shade. Cleaned the guy’s wounds with my water from my waterbottle. Continued our journey after the rain stopped only to stop again when the rain started pouring. When it was still raining pretty heavily, we made a move to cold storage. On the way there we got superduperwooper wet. luckily i brought my windbraker so i didnt feel so cold. Thanks to my bicycle light, hafir could still see in the dark. His specs were all foggy already. So yay. I’m glad i helped him (: So we stopped at cold storage, all wet and shit. Slacked there till the rain subsided. Took pictures of our wet selves. haha! sent hafir back to his place. Then Aziz and I continued our journey home. Aziz said he was gonna use the route near my house so he cycled with me home.

It was a really eventful day. Exercising. eating icecream. exercising again. thigh burn. broken seat. Hafir falling. Aziz falling. rain. wet. LOA. Yes I’m quarantined. Zzzzzz.

And Ooops I went out.

Pictures! 😀


Aziz’s first Kinder Joy!


Hafir excited to eat.




Aziz is happy. Haha


Seee. Yummmmmmm lalala~


East Coast!



Shot one; After cycling in the rain.


Shot 2; after cycling in the rain. All soggy and shit


Slackin at cold storage waiting for the rain to stop. Here, Hafir acts cute (or at least he tried)


Hafir think funny wat cover his head with towel


see act cute agn -.-






Tak glam


Our bikes!


Today was a fun, wet, and soggy day. I hope Hafir’s fine! 😀 I had loads of fun and we must do this again! next time on a bright sunny day!

Till then, I’ll be on LOA. Means home bound. Means temperature takin. Means drinking loads of water. Means slackin.

Loves (:


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