So. Yesterday at this time, I felt like crying. Just breaking down. Like literally cry.

The plan for today (Friday, Jul 3rd) was to get the movie tickets for transformers, meet the guys, watch the movie, and go for HSS AGM. I was excited. Like really excited. Cos i thought that it was gonna be a dope day. Until Naida got sick, and Azeemah, HSSSC President called me to fill in for her. I said yes cos they seemed kinda desperate and i wanted to help. I thought i could make it in time for the movie and HSS AGM. but i was wrong. I didnt have time for the movie and HSS AGM. I had to ditch one. I didnt want to ditch any of them! I felt so guilty cos I made the guys travel all the way to plaza singapura last week for nothing. and now, i cant make it for the movie- AGAIN.

I felt like i was the problem.ย I felt so bad that i wanted to cry. Like all of them should just start cursing and swearing at me. One by one, Bobby.. Amalul.. Aziz… Izzat… told me to postpone the movie. I felt super bad already. I gave up. I told them to promise me that they’ll watch the movie without me. They promised. And i promised them that I’ll have a great time at AGM.

The next morning I went for rehearsal. And i met Bobby later to find my bowtie (which i did!) Then i met the other guys after their prayers. Went to Mac for lunch with the guys. By then it was 4 and i had to leave cos i needed to reach by 4:30. Asked the guys what time they’re going for their movie at Ehub they said 5. So i made a move and left. I was really really buzzzed and bummed but i had no choice.

Went for HSS AGM. helped out abit. soon the mayhem started. Everyone in their geek outfits. I was on a roll! Soon the time came for Hakeem and I to emcee the whole thing. there were parts where we had to crap up and prolong the thing cos there were some technical glitch. It was fun! good job, hakeem! ๐Ÿ˜€ So, i happily acted all geeky and kental. Cos it was the only time that it fit the situation. I was having a ball of a time. Then it came for the TP song. (the super slow one zzz) So, i scanned the auditorium.


The guys were at the corner.

Yes, they have been watching me all the while. A part of me felt paiseh. But Another part was amazed. Cos i never knew they’d do these kinda things. They ended up not watching the movie cos they felt that it wouldnt be the same without me. I felt cheated too, cos they promised me they were gonna watch it. and they broke that promise. I was speechless for a while. Cos I really didnt expect this. It was a real surprise. I just couldnt believe it ar. You might think I’m exaggerating and shit. But really. I was literally speechless. Like. I didnt know what to say.



So, my supposedly fucked up day, turned out to be the best day.
Nothing beats this. Cos I have the bestest mates ever.


Thanks, you guys for coming down and seeing me. I really didnt expect anything. I honestly was thinking that you guys were gonna watch the movie like how i told you guys to. Like before the thing started i told rachel “I bet the guys are having fun watching transformers hee” And to realise that you guys came to see me and not go for the movie cos i wasnt there, really touched my heart. I know it sounds really mushy and boring and shit. but really i cannot explain it any better than this. I’m at a loss for words cos no one has ever done this for me or to me, for that matter. It has always been an “I wish…” kinda thing. but today, it happened andย i cant believe it did.

I’mย sorry for being too busy, and i’m sorry for being late the other day. Yesterday I told Bobby and Amalul that I’d rather skip the whole AGM to spend time with you guys. And I wanna thank you guys for letting me achieve both thats important to me; HSS and Yourselves. I really dont know how to thank you guys enough cos it made my day, thats for sure. thank you sooo much (:








That was my eventful day. Contented.

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