The Importance of Smiling.

I feel sad when i hear people around me sad. I dont like it. Everyone deserves to smile and be happy. We are young. We shouldnt be over thinking things and getting worked up over nothing. It will make white hair grow faster! and it’ll make you look old : I mean I know everyone has their issues and problems and all that. But hmm. I guess you have to take it with a pinch of salt. Shit happens. And u have to know that it happens for a reason. Behind every bullcock problem there’s always some good in it. that’s what i always believe in.

For me, i’m no pro in handling stress or anything. But whatever happens I’ll always try to smile. Whether I’m in pain, or I feel sad or bummed. I’ll always make it a point to smile. Cos smiling is like the answer to almost everything. And I always remember that I’m not alone. There are other people who face worst problems than I do. So I have to be thankful that my problemsย aint that bad.

If I could, I would buy all my friends who’re having problems ice cream just to make them feel better. But all i can afford is just to lend a listening ear and a smile. I dont like to see sad people :




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