Gone Too Soon

I will not blog about Transformers 2 until I watch with my guy friends. Till then, I, together with the rest of the fans of Michael Jackson of the world, will mourn his death.


I have to agree that he has done some stupid things during his lifetime. Like not embracing his roots, getting his face and nose done. With all the molesting and raping rumours. And how weird he is. But if you were to think just in this context, it’s rather unfair. Cos he did have a bad childhood. He was abused by his dad. So I think that we shouldnt blame him for his weird-ness. In fact, I think that his weird-ness is the thing that makes him special.

Despite all the stupid things he did, he’s still a legend. He’s the King of Pop and will forever be the King of Pop. Somehow a part of me still wants to believe he’s alive. Think about him. Without Michael Jackson, there wouldnt be artistes like Usher and Chris Brown. Michael Jackson made me realise that beats can be seen and expressed. Dancing was part of his act. And he was good at doing it. One day i’ll learn the thriller routine. And perfect it. Although I know I cant be as awesome as him, but it’s the only way i feel that i can honour the magical things he has brought to the world. From Thriller to Billie Jean. The best songs ever created. Everyone is not made perfect. But sometimes, you have to remember the positive part of people who have screwed up rather than remember the negatives. Cos it’s their positives that somehow changed the world and made the world see what he sees in his perspective. Let’s remember Michael Jackson because of his genius in music and dance, not cos of his stupidity in his own personal life. Cos being an icon, your every move is being scrutinised. And I guess, all he wanted was to be normal like everyone else; not scrutinized for his bad decisions, and to be able to be perfect in everyone’s eyes. More so in his father’s eyes.

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson. Thanks for enlightening us with the fact that music is something you can dance to and feel.

Like A Comet
Blazing ‘Cross The Evening Sky
Gone Too Soon

Like A Rainbow
Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye
Gone Too Soon

Shiny And Sparkly
And Splendidly Bright
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like The Loss Of Sunlight
On A Cloudy Afternoon
Gone Too Soon

Like A Castle
Built Upon A Sandy Beach
Gone Too Soon

Like A Perfect Flower
That Is Just Beyond Your Reach
Gone Too Soon

Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

Like A Sunset
Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon

Gone too Soon; Michael Jackson


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