Just keep swimming..Just keep swimming…



I went cycling with Dad today! 😀 the house to pasir ris park to changi point and back. Oh my toes. I reached home with jelly legs. I got down from Dexter (my bike) and my legs almost gave way. HAHA! And it was super tak glam la ok. I’m never going to cycle to changi point for nuts. why? cos there’re freakin hills and shit. and the hills are like gradual. so u have to pedal like crazy when yr gears are down low and you’re goin up. So i looked retarded and i could actually feel the burn on my thighs! It was madness. My legs are still kinda jelly-ish. But I had fun! Woo! What a way to spend Fathers Day! Lalala~ School tomorrow… My pivot table not done yet. I dont even know if i can come up with more crap to fill in the pivot table =x gahhhhh. My wardrobe settled for tomorrow. Technically I’m ready for school. But homework wise? Dont even let me start.

I saw sheldon the seahorse on tv today! 😀


Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming…


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