So it seems.

My cough was really wet and disgusting today. My nose was filled with disgusting, thick mucus. ergh. Finally finished my essay! Found the book in the library but i was stupid enough not to take down the title of the book for referencing. (DAMMIT) argh.

Drag me to hell is like them crapped up horror stories. Like grudge. had fun freaking out. and it was disgusting too. After that i went to mee Fiqqy for a while to pass his cake and card. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FIQQY! 😀 Sat down and talked for awhile. Then before we went seperate ways i gave him a huggggeee big hugggggg. Heh. I love you kay. And just when i said i love you to him and he said i love you to me, my neighbour came out of the lift. HAHA! and this neighbour ever asked me if i have a boyfriend. LOL. They’re sure to ask me again if i meet them in the lift. Little do they know that Fiqqy is my best friend. NYAAHHA.

I’m hungry.


yes, i ate ^_^v i felt like writing more! Ok la. I want to post a song. Hee.

Ok. done (:


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