Agonising. My heart just melts lah. It’s annoying. But I went to sleep feeling happy yesterday when I thought I couldnt sleep at all. The best 3 hr 3o mins of sleep I’ve had before waking up and taking a LOOONG ride to harbour front. I swear i almost fell asleep standing in the bus on the way to the interchange. We were right on time. And yah, I didnt get my seat on the way to harbour front which means, NO SLEEP. I was pissed. Peak hour. I should bring a portable seat thing in my bag now.

Amazing race was fun! I loved my group. ONLY ONE. lol. cos we were group one. the name? Kudos to mandeep. LOLLOL. Mandeep was damn funny. I cannot take it. Haha. We got 2nd! Lalala~ and the tourism academy was damn cool. I wanted to read all the historical posters cos it seemed so interesting but there wasnt enough time. The weather was fine…. FOR A PLANNED DAY OUT AT THE BEACH, SUNTANNING, PLAYING VOLLEYBALL AND FRISBEE AND SLACKING. Not for an amazing race. It was so hot. Many of us felt super lethargic. I bet we wouldve been more enthu at the end of the event if it wasnt so hot = what was said supposed to end at 2:30 actually ended 1 and a half hours later -.- Marissa had to rush to meet her friend, I had to rush cos Mum was expecting me home earlier than five pm. and i didnt take my meds (ok now I sound like I’ve been to a psychiatrist.lol) But anyway. Yah. I reached home and I NEEDED SLEEP. so i dozed off on the couch. The evening went as per normal. My cough is still kinda bad. Like, I cant really do vigorous stuff. The amazing race just now was kinda slack. It’s like u can walk from one station to another station. So i was kinda fine, i guess? Just that towards the end i started coughing pretty badly that even Xy was kinda worried. =x and thats why i dont think I’m going for subcomm camp =( Cos I know how fun subcomm camp will be and I know there’ll be cheering and all. And I cant cheer cos I dont want to fall sick again. HAIYAH.

Funny how I’m updating about Amazing race and i didnt even update about my holiday. So I’ll update about my holiday!

I went back to my homeland over in Bukit Tinggi which is located over at West Sumatra. It’s a town within Padang, Indonesia.


Mum woke me up to shower and i dragged myself out of bed. I got ready and packed the toiletries and shit. And off we went. Daddy only joined us on saturday. Cabbed to the budget terminal in changi airport and waited for the rest. Family members sent us off. and as always, there were many bags. like, alot. thankfully the lady who checked in our baggage for us allowed us to put all the bags in the cargo without having to pay the extra KG-s. went into the transit area and waited to board the plane. I was excited. I needed a break. I want to see pretty flowers, and I needed to get out of the hustle of city life. The flight took 55 mins. And the crew of tiger airways kinda cocked up. Cos they gave us wrong immigration forms. A lady like totally screwed over one of the flight attendants and all i could do was happily watch~ lalala~ Arrived at Minangkabau Airport 55 mins later and rushed to fill up the immigration cards and health cards and shit. grabbed the baggage and took the bus that would bring us to bukit tinggi. it was a 1 1/2 hr ride. I fell asleep. And Uncle fendy got a very tak glam photo of me sleeping -.- Ate at Air Badarun and snapped pictures with Uncle Fendy’s Canon DSLR! 😀 😀 It was daaamn fun. Lalala~ continued our journey back to kampung and by then i could feel the coolness of the weather. Nothing like singapore. I am not exaggerating- It was like being in air con 24/7


had a good nights sleep even with all the snoring by other people. I plugged lexon in. I COULDNT TAKE THE SNORING. I’M SORRY. Woke up and had lontong for breakfast. The lontong was dope man. And the weather was nothing but brilliant. Headed to pandai sikek where all the really nice songket is found and sold. An average songket takes like 3 mths to do. And everything is done by hand. Mum’s had a blast choosing table runners and really pretty songkets for their baju kurungs and all. I just followed along. Before that waited for uncle fendy and his 3 guy friends who came to bukit tinggi for the first time to finish friday prayers. so we waited outside the mosque. After prayers, we saw people carrying a casket out. Apparently someone passed away and they asked everyone to sembahyang jenazah for the the dead dude. And u know how in singapore the jenazah (the dead dude la) is driven to the final resting place? well in the kampong, the mosques and the cemetries are near. So people actually CARRY the caskets and WALK to the cemeteries. God bless these kind souls. More shopping for telekungs and sarongs. Again, I followed suit.. And i bought clothes for class ugama! I’m happy. Now I am driven to go for classes every sunday.


another noisy night with all the snoring -.- more music for me~ Saturday we went to pasar bawah, which is basically the wet market. Fish, eels, chicken, ducks, vegetables, chilli, bananas…. You know how poultry in singapore is bought in packaging and shit. well, at bukit tinggi’s pasar bawah, everything is well, ALIVE. chickens and ducks in cages… Fish and eels in buckets… U just tell the dude what u want and he’ll do it for you. While waiting for nenek to buy chilli (which is hand grinded, not using a blender), i saw this lady who wanted to buy a fish from this guy. She chose the fish. And the dude took the fish out from the water and weighed it. by then it was flapping around probably gasping for air with its gills. It fell onto the floor, he picked it up and started de-scaling the fish while it was still alive! then after de-scaling it, he cut its head of. i was like O.O and he asked the lady how she wanted the fish to be cut. and he went cutting away…. That’s how fresh, FRESH is over in bukit tinggi. that was just fish. and then came chickens….

Went to the chicken side of the area. This lady chose a chicken. The vendor took the chicken out, tilted it’s head back, uttered prayers, and slit it’s throat and dumped it into another cage where the chicken had spasms until blood ran out. After that she chopped of its head and de-feathered it and cut it. it was a bloody scene. but the thing is, it’s interesting cos u dont see these kinda things in singapore. 

And i was happy on saturday! cos daddy finally arrived! 😀 I missed my Daddy. had barbeque that night. And apparently it was obvious that the neighbour’s son has been checkin me out. Well actually since a long time ago when we were like nine. The other cousins kept thinking we were flirting and shit (like what the hell do we know about flirting when we were obit, ugly and NINE? -.-) So yah. I got admirer in kampung. He’s one year my junior though (dammit) The neighbour’s son… Hahahha. Cracks me up. After dinner, i felt like i had a sore throat.


TOUR DAY! i was excited. then suddenly, the sore throat got worse. and the tour was bulllshit. there wasnt a tourguide, i slept half the journey away thanks to panadol and the flue meds. So when the driver brought us to a place, we didnt know anything about it. NO STORIES, NO LEGENDS, NO NOTHING. i shouldve just stayed home and sleep my day away in the cool area of bukit tinggi and not padang -.- reached padang and went to the pasaraya which had nothing, really. when we went back to the bus, i saw 2 cats mating right smack at the entrance of the bus. They were freakin doing it in front of the door-  THE DOOR WHERE WE HAD TO ENTER BY! the cat at the bottom was like no expression, AT ALL. just. NO EXPRESSION. the cat up top doing all the trashwork was hitting it hard. I couldnt help it. I dont usually see these kinda things in singapore, i took a picture of it. Yes people, I watched cat porn for five minutes. All i know is, they’re gonna have an ugly litter of kittens. I’m sorry.

Had dinner at a seafood restaurant. nice view. nice food. But i was beginning to feel very very sick. reached home and headed to sleep with a fever. woke up with a temperature of 37.9


the rest wanted to go to the market again for more shopping. i decided to stay home and rest. I lied down at the couch in the living room for 5 hours, staring at the mountain. And i swear, i never got bored. time just flew. The mountain was speaking to me. HAHA. But it was really pretty. I felt really relaxed and calm and i guess that lowered my temperature. Alhamdulillah. they came back with food! 😀 LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD. Nenek bought me bakso. Mum bought me satay padang and pisang kepit… I was literally having a food fest. Night fell and i slept really well the last night. The next morning, we already had to leave

oh my. super long post. LOL.. I’m sorry i feel chatty today. lalala~
Work needs to be done. I need my rest.




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