Overdued Mothers’ Day and I dont know when Fathers’ Day

I realised I didnt make a Mother and Fathers’ day post. I’m bored, so here it is! 😀



This is my Mummy. She’s annoying when she gets all kepo and clean. She’ll embarrass me at times. She’ll keep pestering me to tell her that she looks fine. She’ll piss me off when she gets all temperamental. But despite ALL OF THAT, She’s the best Mummy in the world. I always didnt like confiding in her cos she’s the sort who judges and has her own criterias and all that. As i grew older, she began to trust me. and now, i really thank her for being very strict and over protective cos if it wasnt for that part of her, i wouldnt be who i am today. she made me strong and clear minded. I know where to go and what i want. she taught me to be independent and stand up for myself and for what i think is right. Just cos my mum tries to be glam (she is la ok, as compared to other women her age) doesnt mean she forgets where she comes from and what her responsibilities are. She reminds me to do my prayers when i havent done them, she wakes me up for prayers every morning, she’s trying to get me to zikir… She’s awesome. And she doesnt need to wear the tudung to do that. I love my Mummy; as obit, irritating, and annoying she is. Heeee



And this is my Daddy. he’s the coolest dad, like ever. He’s the one in charge for my gadgets and my outdoorsy stuff. My phone, my laptop, all the electronics lah. He bought me my bike and my track shoes. He’s also the one who knocks sense into me by telling me nicely (mum nags) He makes sense when he talks and he’ll make me reflect on my actions. I never knew i could go to my dad for advice until earlier this year. And i can safely say that my parents are the best advice givers. My dad is 56 years old and he still rocks. he plays badminton, swims, cycles, he loves fishing, he loves movies and all the cool ass shows. but dad may be old, but he’s the most awesome-est man i ever know. and he’s the most bravest and courageous man i know. He lost 2 of his family members in one year- TWICE. and he’s still living. that’s my dad. he’s strong, he’s cool and he doesnt have to try to be either of that cos he already is.

OKAY. THAT’S ALL. i still havent packed. lalala~


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