Behind every line is a lesson yet to learn

Before I opened this window to blog, I was writing notes for Neuroscience and Behaviour. Yes. Again. I elaborated on the points with my new purple pen. People should buy me more purple pens because i think by the end of this chapter, I’ll end up with half a purple pen =

But that’s not why i felt like blogging. I never told someone how i felt when i had the chance. I let it slip away. Although we’re sort of okay, we hardly ever meet. Even after telling each other that we must meet up one day. That one day hasnt arrived yet and everytime i hop over to his blog and look at the pictures he posted, i get a mental image of him stuck in my head. Is this what happens when I dont express how i feel? I wont move on? or is it just this ONE time that i didnt tell him how i felt and i keep having a mental image? Honestly, I have noooo idea. It’s nothing permanent. But it happens when i hop over to his blog. Just thought i should say something about it.

So, today. I was being a really good girl.

1)  i went to meet ms chung for stats. I wasnt lazy. And i spoke up. Hehe. I gave her feedback about the test!
2) Mummy asked me to bake cookies today to bring back to kampung. And i baked cookies. 2 batches of it. And they tasted really delicious! 😀
3) After baking i slacked for a bit. While waiting for Asar, I made Daddy’s Fathers’ Day Card! (Daddy loved it. hee)
4) Then i skated to simei where the dudes were, and brought them a bottle of cookies! 😀
5) Back at home, Mummy asked me to help her write cards for her friends


Oh my toes, my cookies are heavenly. It’s addictive. And the secret ingredient is, LOVEEEE. My cookies are made with Looooooveeeee. heeeee. ^_^v

3 days more and I still havent packed. I havent even taken out the old clothes that i wanna give them people back at kampung. I am a slacker. I bet Ovi and Elfa and Aunty Lin already packed their stuff in the suitcases. My family is just lazing around… Slacking..wasting time.. I forsee my mum naggin on thursday morning, rushing and walking really really fast in the house; from the room, to the kitchen, back to the room, nenek’s room, back to the kitchen… and it goes on *rolls eyes* Daddy’s joining us later so it’ll just be me and Mummy on Our side. I havent even picked out what to wear on the plane ride there! Ovi, Elfa and Aunty Lin already planned to wear the purple striped esprit shirt- WHICH I ALSO HAVE -.- so, i wont wear that. I wouldnt want to confuse people. Although… It might look kinda cool. but no. I want to be different. I am so tempted to wear baggy t shirt and dance pants. cos my dance pants are warm, and bukittinggi is kinda cold. but that would be a fashion faux pas. I always believe in dressing up for holidays. Hehehe.


Ok go!


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