Quondo, Quondo, Quondo

I have a gut feeling I’ve put this as a post title before *thinks hard* Nyehhhh. Doesnt matter. Hee.

Today was CSA. And it was the last paper. *JUMPS AROUND* I dont think i’ll do well for the term tests. Chiong for main exams. RAWR. so yah. CSA. I crapped my way thru section B. I had no idea what the hell was software suite. So i just put Microsoft Office? And 2 application software for communications. I randomly put MSN Messenger and Skype. I Lol-ed at my answer. But when i told keith I put MSN messenger and Skype, he said it was right (!!!!!) And DUH, i talked to him AFTER the test. If i score better for CSA than for the other 2 tests, I’ll just knock my head on the wall. Cos CSA is a very crappy subject. Stats? AHH, STATS. the biggest disappointment. I could do them questions. BUT I HAD NO TIME. Kill me for not having proper time management. I screwed up ALOT. And funny, cos i got good marks for the class test! GAHHHHHH. Angry. But oh well. It’s done. no point hovering over it.

After CSA paper i went to help Hana with her broadband on mobile thing. And it works! Yay me. Then i went to meet the guys cos the initial plan was to go watch a movie. but we ended up window shopping. Well the guys, not me. Puma sale is on. I saw some dope shoes that I was itching to buy cos they cost 50 bucks. ONLY. I was tempted. But I held back. Tailed the dudes around tampines mall and tampines 1. I dont know why i wasnt like really fun today. I could feel the boredom run through my veins. I didnt mean to be boring and quiet. I just didnt feel, err, happy? Like there wasnt anything i could be high about.

Dont take it wrongly. Cos I like spending time with the dudes. and i’m used to it cos most of my good friends are dudes. So yeah. it’s just that i’ve been feeling rather buzzed this few days and i have yet to come out of that zone.

Honestly, i have no idea why i feel buzzed. Even if it is what i think it is, it’s just bogus cos I CANNOT be buzzed over such a random and crappy thing. Time and time again, i’ve psycho-ed myself that PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. and GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO THOSE WHO WAIT. But it’s not working? I’ve told myself to stop thinking about it and let nature takes it course. And also, I’ve told myself to believe in my prayers and have confidence in them; which reinforces what Hafir told me which is not to be so pessimistic and be more confident. From where i see it, it seems blunt. But somehow I’m still clinging on to hope.

And it goes to show that people like me, shouldnt be exposed to things we call “Crushes”.


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