Takana juo kampuang.

Why, HELLO, earth people.

I know i shouldnt be blogging, let alone be online at such a crucial time. I have many facts to store in my small head and I only have 2 days. It would be a miracle if i could store everything in. But then again, I’ll never know till i try (: So, i’m hungry. and as they say, a hungry man (or in this case, woman. or girl) is an angry man.

*draws dinosaur*

Weird title? Well, that just means I’m thinking of my kampung in Minang. I like pretty things ^_^v and the scenery over there is really pretty. So i like it. Besides, the coolness of the air up in the mountains just makes it even more peaceful and serene.


I should stop talking utter crap and not waste time. Lalala~

(PS: I really hope i find some food to eat)


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