Rachel reminded me to blog about something. It was my unlucky thursday. Which apparently, was FUNNY TO RACHEL, SOK YEE AND NAOMI.

First. I was rushing to leave Stats class. As always. I’m the neat freak and everything must be packed nicely into my bag. I was last. And my girls were waiting for me. I stuffed my jacket into my bag and zipped it. Then, MY JACKET GOT STUCK IN THE ZIP. I rushed out of the room and went to the toilet where my girls are. i tried fixing my bag in the toilet. i was so scared of ruining my jacket =( then, my CUFF DROPPED ONTO THE TOILET FLOOR. Drop to the floor, nevermind. IT DROPPED INTO A PUDDLE OF WATER. god knows, it mightve been pee. So, i finally got my jacket free from my zip. I washed my cuff and wanted to use the dryer to dry it. BUT NOOOOOO. THE DRYER REFUSES TO WORK WITH ME T_T i gave up. and i neeeded to pee

BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. the squatting pan just had to have shit in it! it’s the sort of shit that is sticky-ish and cant roll down the toilet bowl. it was super disgusting. ANGRY. rawr. SIGH.

THAT WAS MY SAD THURSDAY MAN. yah ok. thats it ^_^


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