The feeling that I’m feeling is complimentary

This morning was annoying. I had pbspeaking test today. So it meant i need full marks for my grooming. And i wore the victorian-ish shirt to school already. I WAS BUZZED. But, No choice =( i changed my bag THREE TIMES. THREE. angry. and settled with the black one. Pbspeaking was fun though. Lalala~ but i was buzzed half of the day? Yea. Then i went home for lunch to change and to well, have my lunch. Changed to something more comfortable and went back to school to meet Nabilah and Hana at ITAS. Proceeded to Engine for APEL. SKIP!

After APEL, Rachel, Nabilah, Hana and I went to the IR to finish up SDL. Supposedly to study but we didnt. LOL. well Rachel did. but the other three of us.. It took a long time for us to get in to mood of getting things done. haaa. after an hour, Hana left. Nabilah and i went to pray and meet hafir and gang over at the astro turf. showed nabilah old pics of me! And she couldnt believe it. it was damn cute, i tell you. She left at 7. And I left 45 mins later. Met this dude who apparently knows the whole of east spring 08. HAHA. super cool.

I left and the bus was a bitch cos number 8 in the evening is damn slow. Gahhhh. So i went to safra and waited for 59. Laadeedaa. Got home and had dinner.

Very plain day. I dont know why. I felt really stone-ish today. Like, i didnt feel as hyper? Hmmm. Till then.



So pretty; That he’s prettier than me.

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