Better. Just Better.

Was almost late for lecture thanks to the bus driver who just refused to open the door and let me out until number 8 passed by -.- I was in bus 34 heading to 201 area. I saw that number 8 was right smack in front of my bus. and when the bus reached the bus stop, i was hoping the bus driver would open the door, BUT HE DIDNT. he only opened the door when NUMBER 8 LEFT and he moved forward. GAHHHH.

Went for lecture. And then went to the toilet to see naomi perform our magic trick. IT WORKS! happy. Lalala~ then we made our way to tampines 1 cos Rachel had to fund her friend’s birthday present and I needed comfort food. Met Nur along the way and he hung out with us before meeting his friend (YES. NUR IS A GUY.) Went into esprit only to meet the dude that was always over at the esprit in tampines mall! His name is Asra. Lol. Enno knows him, and he knows Enno too! I talked to him for about 5 minutes (he was at work. LOL) then i left. soon naomi had to leave too. so left me and rachel. we went to frolick to get ourselves yoghurt. Then i went off to meet Fiqqy at tmart mac. LOL to whatever happened in the bus. HAHAHAHAHAH. Entered mac and got myself mcflurry. Waited for Fiqqy for about 15 mins and he arrived. story-ed to him what happened. and he story-ed to me what happened to him earlier that day. and boy, was it a funny story. *winkwink* HAHAHAHA. To add on to the happiness, Dzul came! 😀 Story-ed to him what happened too and both of them told me to just ignore it. *fiqqy and dzul doing the ‘cock lah’ hand sign simultaneously* HAHAHA.

They sent me home. then i had my dinner and did my prayers before meeting them again at the multi purpose hall. I didnt dance along tonight cos I have dance orientation tomorrow and i only have one pair of dance pants. Soooo.


The attention was supposed to be at his head..


Awww. Fiqqy all shyyyy


Look at his fringe


Supposedly a cuter version of the previous one


At an attempt of a ‘hot’ shot. LOL


HAHHAAHHAHAA. super funny.




almost a hot shot.






“Hi I’m dzul and I’m so cute that you cant/wont be able to resist me! Heeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^v”


That was my day today. And i happily announce that I’m feeling much better than yesterday. I feel happier too. I emailed mum this morning to ask her for some help. What she said made sense. And what Fiqqy and Dzul said made sense. I admit, I was mad, I was angry and I was pissed yesterday. And I meant every single word i said. Whoever who can’t live with it, too bad. Like what Jairus said “In order to have people not fuck around with you is to be the bigger bitch” Technically, it’s true. And i itch to be the bigger bitch.

But you know what? Forget it, just forget it. There is after all, no point in stating and ranting anymore. I dont get anything out of it except that i feel a tad bit better saying it allll out.

Right now the best thing for me to do is ignore and see what happens next. cos currently, Ignorance is indeed bliss. Now that i think of it, I shouldve ignored- from the beginning.

Thanks Fiqqy and Dzul for listening to me. Thanks Fiqqy for meeting me at such short notice. I love you like to the max okay. I love both of you. xoxoxox


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