I went to the K-9 dog unit with Psych peeps yesterday. It was so cool. And I dont think i hate dogs anymore (after what ABANG *coughs* Ali knocked some sense into me) I think operational dogs are really cool. Well basically we went there not cos we learn what the dogs learn (wtf). but we went there cos the way the trainers teach the dogs to be obedient has links to what we study which is called conditioning. It’s amazing how they train the dogs to be so loyal to the trainers and handlers. but one thing i loved was the names they gave the dogs! Some of the names even sounded nicer that some of our names O.O Pax… Theo… Pira… Rooney… Paige…Lex… SUPER COOL NAMES MAN. Lalala~ I freaked out when some of the dogs jumped to the floor (even when they were tied to the pole by their leash) HAHAHA.

So today. nothing much. Fpsych was cancelled and pushed to friday (dammit) and so i had the whoooole afternoon free. CSA was a bitch cos the desktop i was doing my work on kept on hanging! JUST WHEN I WANTED TO SAVE MY WORK, IT HANGED. so now, i have to start all over again. GAHHHHHH. Angry. Had lunch. Lalala~ Did project with my group members. My brain loaded slowly. And PSYCHOLOGY OF MAGIC IS HARD! T_T depressing.

Lastly, I’m seventeen. I dont want to waste my time with no balls people. Do everyone a favour and shut up. Just shut up.


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