tiara D. speaks.

Hippity Hop.

I dont know why I feel so drained tonight. School as early as ever tomorrow, but then again, there are no lessons cos I’ll be going on a field trip (jumps around) Laaadeedaaa. And FINALLY, I am going to chop my hair. (get myself a haircut) I got so pissed today that i pulled back my fringe. with my ribbon hairband. *angry*

Nothing much today. Lectures, lectures and more lectures. My mistake for not reading up on Language and cognition before coming for lecture. WWWWOOOOOOPPPPPPS. I bought a new file! to accomodate to my thick notes. And besides, i can easily flip thru them. Wee~

And i declare that my monday’s will always be blue regardless of anything and everything. It’ll start with Mr Sun shining bright, and smiling at me wishing me good morning. Then when it happens, it happens. dark clouds appear. my heart skips a beat. my whole world just stops. everyday i pray that i’d be blessed with courage, strength and patience so that i dont need to through that every monday. Insya Allah. So to my classmates, esp to Rachel and sok yee, my mood on mondays will vary. In the morning especially.

I cant back down now. I have to try.


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