I got this Ice Box where my heart used to be

So. I supposedly had no school yesterday. But i had to get my book signed. After that I met Dhab and Wahidah at school since they were havin their break.


And I got into Dance =D

Still thinkin about it though cos I’d have to pay 52 bucks for the classes = Many told me to go with it, since i took the first step. Well I still got about 24 hrs to think about it. I dont wanna back out half way cos then my 52 bucks will  be burnt. After I got my book and met the DPA peeps, I left for home to pray and change before going to Bussorah St. Met L and Helmi at tamp interchange after and made our way to esss. We couldnt go in for speech day lah. Stupid shit man. They even shoo-ed us away. Like HELLO? We’re not in the uniforms. We’re no longer students there! Grr. Angry. So we chilled over at Mac. Sat with Fiqqy, Dzul and Ain. I was hopping all over saying hi to the juniors. LOLLOLOLL. Around 7:30 i went home to have dinner, pray and change before meeting Fiqqy, Zahran and Diq. When i got home i smelt smoke. I thought some people were burning incense or something. then i checked again, the main rubbish chute was on fire!

I quickly changed, grabbed my phone and keys and evacuated my house, JUST IN CASE. Some neighbours were downstairs and they already called the scdf (my chance to look at hot dudes in uniform. rawr) A few minutes later the scdf arrived and they opened the chute. smoke started filling the area. I felt sorry for my neighbour who lived on the 2nd floor cos i bet her house was filled with like, ALOT of smoke. Inside the chute there was like a flame inside O.O pretty scary. So the handsome, macho and fit dudes in uniform killed the fire. LOL. Went up and had my dinner. Met Fiqqy later. Cos the dudes did more bboying, i plugged in Lexon to do my own dance. So i was practically lost in my own world. Then Suha told me her fetish for cartwheels (Wtf) and she made all of us do cartwheels. Pictures!


In action. See that orangey thingy there? Yeah that’s me just joking around jumping like a monkey.


Suha was fascinated with zahran’s tail. LOL! but u cant like, see it.


My ugly cartwheel. My legs not straight. Lol. But suha enjoys watching people do cartwheels.


Suha snapped shadiq too fast. LOL!

That was my friday. Laadeedaaa.


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