A memory can’t be erased; I know because I’ve tried




I know i havent been updating. Teehee. WOOOOPS. ^_^V I have some pictures to post up. Random pictures that would fill these empty spaces in my blog. heh.





REVENGE OF THE NERDS! (fashionable nerds ehem.)


This was during Pbspeaking when Ms Komala made 3 of us the time keepers. I held the 1 min 30 sec mark!


Rachel got the 2 min mark…


Sok Yee got the 1 min mark





Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Class is always fun.

So yah. After days and days of nothingness in the blog. Finally i got something to talk about. (cheeky face) Apparently I got dirty looked at a few days back. I swear it was kinda funny when i re-enacted the whole scene in my head. I was happily walking towards the bus stop to go home for my break (of 4 hrs, by the way) Plugged in Lexon and happily walked on by~ Then suddenly i felt so LOOKED AT. Like, someone was looking at me as if i had a huge tomato sauce stain on my white shirt or smthg, or if i was naked. Then i looked over, i saw someone staring at me, giving me the dirty look. She looked familiar, but i didnt know who she was. Looked over again. AHA. ok i knew who it was. she was like EYEBALLIN me man. Like as if i owed her a living or smthg. Ok. Usually I’d give the “WHAT?” face. But all i did was stone. And continued walking. I bet she was like “I’M EYEBALLIN HER MAN. SHE GIVE ME STONE FACE. I’LL TRY AGAIN” so i happily continued walking to the bus stop with Snow Patrol on my playlist. Ladeeeda~ then i reached the bus stop. Stoning while waiting for number 8 with the heat. SORRY, i dont have tunnel vision -.- So i was scanning. SHE WAS STILL EYEBALLIN ME MAN. Again, I didnt react. Cos I was feeling very hot, my bag was heavy and so was Sheldon. I couldnt be bothered. I stoned again. laadeedaa~ I told Enno about it. And she came up with a term. VISUALLY MOLESTED. but honestly, that’s how i felt. HAHAHAA. I feel so…. WATCHED. LOLLOLL

Initially i felt really WTF. but then when i replayed the scene in my head, i kinda laughed cos i paused at the moments like a comic strip and added in fucked up lines. LOLLLOLLL. But. Then again, like what i learned in Memory for Fpsych, short moments like that are hardly reliable- like eyewitness accounts. I might be wrong? Maybe she was looking at me cos she liked my shirt?  (L-O- friggin- L) Before i blabber complete and utter bullshit, I better go and do something else. CRIMINAL MINDS! Wooooo. I love you all.


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