Someday- when I’m Awfully low

It has been a long time since i fell asleep during class. It finally happened today. I blame myself for sleeping late the night before and not getting proper rest during the weekends. I kept nodding off in almost all the lectures. I missed out one whole chunk of Fpsych. It was madness. Spent 45 bucks for Psych books which were freaking heavy. Zzzz.

More homework, more notes to be read and understood. O.O I’m afraid. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. you should read all the details for Fpsych! And today we learnt about classical and operant conditioning. It’s a whole bunch of confusing things that I need to understand. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Long day at school tomorrow- with some library thingy from 4-6. My body’s aching. ARGH. must be the bag. dammit.

I never knew it made me turn pale. I never new my heart just stopped for a milisecond. I didnt mean to freak my friends out. Heck, I didnt know it freaked me out. Slowly, it’s fading. Which is good. But why does my heart feel like it stopped, and why do i still turn pale? It shouldnt bother me anymore. 4 mths down, I should be fine. Oh well. Life’s like that? Probably so. Dumdeedum~

Nothing much to update, really. I dont want to bore you people about what I do in school, and what I study what i eat. blahblahblah. Everyday is mundane. Nothing special. Just that I’m thankful I have awesome classmates and friends in school. So yeah. till something interesting happens, i love u all.


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