I’ve added a new addition to my named items. I got Lexon yesterday (My purple iPod). Nyahahahahha. My bus rides are no longer boring and finally the ugly sounds are blocked by music from Lexon. Woo.

School was okay today. I had instant noodles for lunch? Lol. Yes, i was THAT lazy. Loool. While waiting for the water in cheers to boil, guess who walked into cheers? JAIRUS ANG! Omg he was so nice to have noticed me first and gave me a huge hug. Awwww. Hahaha. So i got mixed reactions towards what i wore today. Some made me feel like i was wearing Ronald MacDonald’s costume. Some said I look like a minah (wtf?!), some said i looked cute, some thought i was inspired by minnie mouse, while some said i looked like a barista in starbucks wearing the wrong coloured apron. LOL.

zzzz. FPsych was madness. I totally gave a wtf face when Ms Tan started talking about the neurons in our brains and shit. But i got hang of it eventually. CSA was WORSE! I was copying blindly. not that i was happy about it, but it really didnt make sense to me. HELLO? SOFTWARE? really. -.-Dragged Hakim to accompany to get dad’s cooking book at borders @ parkway. Got dad’s book and this monster wanted to eat -.- watched him eat whileΒ i tried to decipher my lecture notes = went home taking 15, and switched to 21. Mundane day. Meeting zam tmr! πŸ˜€ I miss him ok. rawr.

Ok. more boring posts to come.



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