I didnt have school today (happy face). So i met Marissa to go get our shoes over at queensway. HAPPINESS! Then met jaws at orchard where we went to BK to eat. Ok. this part. got story.

Jos: Hi can i have one chicken burger. take away the lettuce for me please
Girl @ counter: err ok (blur face)
Girl @ counter: – turns to friend and asks in malay- eh lettuce can take away ah?
Marissa: nono, she wants the chicken burger but take away the lettuce
G@C: Oh oh ok
Jos: -waits-
G@C comes out with a box which is filled with the lettuce (wtf)-
Jos: Eh eh no no. I’m eating here, not take away
G@C: just now you say take away what…
G@C’s friend:  -whips out jos’s burger- minus the lettuce rite?
Jos: YES.
G@C: Just now you said take away the lettuce what. next time say minus lettuce lah

I was behind jos by the time the whole lettuce in box thing happened. Got back to our table and i was like WTFF. seriously ah. WHO THE HELL COMES TO BK AND ORDERS JUST THE LETTUCE? Ok fine, jos shdve said “dont want the letttuce” but i mean, IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, it wldnt make sense if someone just wanted the lettuce rite? might as well go ntuc and get lettuce! or get a salad. GOD. and the girl at the counter made a mistake and still wanna argue! wtf. come on la. REALLY. REALLLLLLYYY? You couldve made yrself sound about 5 cm smarter if u clarified with my friend what she wanted. *irritated face*

So anyway, today was fun and funny. So i was happy. the weather was very. err. HUMID. but anyway, i had fun. Got home and read the new paper. Apparently some dude created a “SINGAPORE SUCKS” group in facebook. I wonder what he wants to get out of it man. And i read about some australian peeps who commented and said their piece on how much they hate singapore, and how rude singaporeans are, how they dont allow space to enter the mrt, how ‘weird’ our accents are, how bad our english is…. and the list goes on. some of them people who bash up the name of singapore are singaporeans to begin with. L-O FUGGIN L.

Dude, you’re criticsising YOURSELF man. Trying to sound like some sort of pro in english. Look in your IC/Birth cert. What is your NATIONALITY? If you wanted to criticise, the least you can do is not be stupid and criticise YOURSELF. which bugger is SMART enough to call insult himself. If you criticise Singaporeans as a whole, YOU’RE PART OF THEM. I guess you just wanted to reinforce the fact that you dont think through what comes out from your mouth or whichever part of your body. And the foreigners who keep complaining. GOSH. I’ve met foreigners when i’m out of singapore and i engage in small talk with them. I tell them where i’m from (proudly), and the typical thing they’ll say is “Woah! I’ve been there! it’s awesome!” or “WOAH! I’m planning to go there some day” Maybe they’re lying, i dont know. but that’s the kind of thing i get from foreigners. The thing is, I know singapore is not perfect. I know singapore has singlish. I know singaporeans can be inconsiderate and rude. And singaporeans are definitely kiasu. However it may seem, it does not give anyone the right to stereotype that ALL singaporeans are like that. there are some singaporeans who are nice, and friendly. U just havent met them yet. Maybe cos your puny brains are clouded with the stereotype that ALL singaporeans are like that. Yes, I’M PRO SINGAPORE. I LOVE SINGAPORE. I LOVE MY COUNTRY. as imperfect as it is, people still come here to work, and study and do their surgeries. people come here to see the different and interesting festivals that we have because we are a multi racial society. Maybe it’s our culture to be obnoxious and rude. although i have to admit, it’s not a nice way to welcome people, but WE ARE SINGAPOREANS. Like fingerprints, we’re different from the other countries. i bet you, there are no perfect countries with perfect people. i’m sure different countries have their good and their bad points.

Culture doesnt define people, or a person. 10% of culture you can see (visible). the other 90% you cant see (invisible). to understand culture, it’s the 90% that’s more important. With this, i proudly say that I’m glad I took up TransNational Studies. Because i learnt that everyone is different. So for these people who diss singaporeans and stereotype them, I strongly encourage you to take up this course (if you can) because its with this that you will understand other cultures, other people, other traditions.

I love what this dude said in the new paper.

“I dont understand why some people like to whine at every little bad thing in life rather than doing something constructive about it”

 Complain complain complain. But no action.

At least we still have SINGA the courteous Lion. And Kindness Week. And speak good english campaign. We’re trying.


Just wanna give a shout out to my best friend, Afiq.

Dude, I dont know whats going on with you man. But I hope you’re okay. Please dont give up on your studies. Dont give up now. You’ve come so far. Just push on. I’m sure you can do it. You did it once before- emerging as one of the top students in sec three. Dont sell yourself short, mate. I know I havent been there for you for quite abit, but i worry for you. I feel bad that I havent been around to give you that boost. But in any case, I’ve never stopped believing in you and i never will stop. If it takes me to see you after my lectures/tutorials just to make sure you’re ok and you’re coping well with yr studies, I WOULD. If it takes me to eat ice cream with you every day to make you feel better and give you support, I WOULD. You know I’ll understand you. And I know i might not be able to help you with the guy issues, but I sure as hell can try to hear you out and make you feel better.

Dont give up on youself, bro. Please dont. I see so much potential in you. For you to repeat sec three and do well at the end of the year. I have a whole lot of respect for you, mate. you worked so hard, and gained THAT spot. Dont waste it all away. I dont want to see you performing less to your abilities. you are not ITE potential, i know that. you’re worth more than that. Although i cant be there all the time but just remember that I’ll be that super hyper girl who’s cheering you on with purple pom poms screaming “GO AFIQ!!!! WOOO!!!” I’ll be there, mate. I’ll be there. I promise.


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