2nd Day Nonsense

Taking a break from doing Bus Stats. Needed to clarify something with someone from 1A02. Hee. Clarified~ before i get back to work, today was tiring. Cos i slept late the night before thanks to a long call with Hakim. And he claims it’s my fault. He could have just told me to shut up and rest. I wouldve understood. Grr. Went to school with Hamzah! He taught me a trick on how to avoid bus crowds and get a seat; though it takes 10 mins later. Rachel was all “I AM GOING TO SLAP YOU! YOU TOLD ME TO MEET AT 8:30!” Then we got lost. We couldnt find where the hell was block 17 over in the engine block. NOW WE KNOW. Pbspeaking was fun. after that was supposed to be Foundation Psych tutorial but it was cancelled. Our next lesson was at three… Which meant that…… We had freaking 4 hrs of break. Ate at ITAS and fell asleep at the library later. HAHA! At 2 i met Hakim to go and pray, got myself chocs to stay alive for the next 3 hrs and went for class. APEL was fun cos it was damn slack. Played games and shit. it was awesome. APEL was at engine block. Then i realised that our next class was at IT. Uglily breeze walked to IT school and still managed to reach on time. Woohoo. Academic writing was the best. cos we were in the lab and basically, the whole module was an ONLINE thing. which was dope, yo.

So we had to put 3 interesting things about ourselves on the discussion board. I put the fact that I was born with shit in my mouth, and I was born bow legged AND the fact that I’m racially indonesian. Rachel Tay Kai Rei (Dammit i love her chinese name) put the fact that she almost drowned to death when she was six. So what we had to do was that we had to comment and ask a question from whatever all of us had to say. in other words, reply to their introductions. So i asked Rachel “What did you do that made you almost drown”

She was shy to admit it at first. But when she finally replied me, I laughed like woah.

“I was swimming. I went to the deep end of the pool. I fell out of my float”

LIKE. WTF. Sok Yee asked me why and i told her, SHE LAUGHED TOO! i wasnt the only one.

And if you all must know. I threatened Rachel. It was the worst threat EVER.

I will hang pieces of seaweed and vegetables on her rubberbands in her mouth on her braces should she ever piss me off šŸ˜€ isnt that wonderful. NYAHAHAHA. I still love you though. *supercute face*

OK i better get back to work. Or else, I’ll never finish my hmwrk. Peace


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